Diego - Our not so friendly pup!!.

Diego – Our not so photo friendly pup:

They say puppies are your kids best friend, I don’t know if that’s true with the puppy we have.Though he is 1.6 yrs old, he still thinks he is a pup. To sum him in one word, he is one temperamental puppy!.

The only way he knows to show his love is to jump on you, make you trip, then lick the heck out of you and sometimes nibble you away. The cute dog videos that we see on internet doesn’t happen in our house  .So when people say they have a cute dog, I am mostly jealous :).

When I try to shoot with the puppy, mostly this is what happens: Kid sees the puppy, he runs away..Puppy sees the kid, instant chaos!!. Below is a short collection in no particular order of everyday scenes in our farm.