Srinivas RS




Team & Travel:

Where are you located?

Chennai, India.

Do you Travel outside?

Given a chance, I would love to travel always!. So. Yes, I do travel a lot and I have shot weddings across several cities in India including Chennai, Bangalore , Hyderabad , Goa, Kolkata, Allahabad , Chandigarh , Jaipur , Pallakad , Kovalam, to name a few.

Abroad, I have shot in Srilanka and few weddings in the US.

How would you describe your style?.

I prefer to shoot the entire day of yours. So there is a story to tell and see, and not just pretty pictures. 

So to elaborate this, when you see the entire set of pictures, It should flow like a story, the day should unwind before your eyes. So my set will include the moments, your getting ready, some posed pictures of the couple and even some group shots of your close and loved ones.

Do you have a team?. Who will be shooting from your team?.

I will always be the primary photographer to document wedding and other events. I know you have have chosen me for a reason. 

But the size of the team that I would bring along would depend upon the scale of your wedding. I have shot a lot of weddings where I have been the only shooter and have also shot weddings with seventeen member team.

How skilled is your team?.

For bigger weddings that require a team, I collaborate with the best photographers in the Industry ( I will not be bringing an intern to your wedding!!. When I say two or more photographers would cover your wedding. A photographer with equal skill set and experience would always be the second shooter ). 

Do I have to Hire another team?.

Pls don’t do that. It’s like hiring two chefs and asking them cook your favorite meal. And you know what happens when “Too many cooks happen to be in one place..”. 


How early should I contact you?.

I would say, as soon as the dates for your wedding is fixed!. I usually get booked 3-4 months in advance. 

Can we meet before the wedding?.

Yes, I would prefer that!!. Imagine me walking in the wedding hall on the day of your wedding and smiling at all pretty girls, thinking any of one it could be the bride. So that’s an awkward scenario and I don’t want to do that. 

If you are a local, let’s meet ASAP. If you aren’t form this city, a skype/hangout would do too. 

But let’s connect in advance and discuss about your big day, the events you have planned, the time we should arrive for each event and so on. Also we can discuss about decor and lights from the perspective of a photographer.

What are the payment terms?.

My payment terms are simple,

  • 50% Advance - To block my dates for your wedding.
  • 50% Reminder - To be paid on the day of the wedding.

P.S: We will start editing the pics only after the full payment is made. 

Deliverables & Timelines:

How many pics you shoot? And how many you deliver?.

A ballpark figure for the amount of pics I deliver, 

  • Engagement - 150
  • Wedding & Reception - 400+
  • 3 day events ( Sangeeth , Wedding & Reception ) - 700+

All the pics that I deliver would be color corrected and edited. Except for the repetitive shots and the bad shots ( Blurry or the sleepy shots in which the subjects have closed their eyes), I edit and deliver all the pics.

How do your deliver your images?.

To ease the delivery and distribution process, I use an online cloud hosted solution for delivery of the images.

An unique gallery with an url will be created for your wedding and all the edited high resolution files will be uploaded in them. This will be a password protected gallery and only you will be able to access and download them. This gallery would remain online forever!!. So anytime, you can download them and you don’t have to worry about loosing your pics.

Can I see a complete set of your images?.

Yes, I would love to show you the complete set of my recently shot wedding. Pls go ahead and fill the contact form and we shall get the process started.

How fast would you deliver the pics?.

  • In 1 week:
    • We know you would be excited to see the pics. First set of pics, 30 - 40 from the wedding would be edited and sent to you. So you can share quickly with your family and friends around the world.
  • In 3 weeks:
    • All the pictures from your wedding would be edited and high resolution files would be uploaded and delivered to you in the online gallery.

Do you make Albums?.

Yes, Yes I do!!. And we get excited every time when we watch your pics get printed. And trust me when I say nothing beats a photo in print!!. Your Album is going to be your family heirloom and we take utmost care in designing one for you. You can check a sample one album here. 


We design the album for you. We use 100 - 120 best pics from your wedding and design the album in such a way that when you flip the pages you can see the events in the timeline it occurred.


Once the design is ready, we will send the design to you. If you are ok with the design, we will send it directly to print. If you need any changes ( add, remove or replace images ), pls comment them below each spread and we will get it changed. 

Once we do the changes, we will again send the new version for your approval. And only when you sign it off, we will pass it to print.

Printing :

An approved album will reach your hands after printing in 5-10 business days.