Boys photoshoot at Farm - Both fun and Chaos

Every time we  go to our farm, we try to make the most of it!!.

The boys usually wake up early and I was up a little earlier than usual that day and we decided to take a walk in the fields. As soon as we walked a distance, the elder one who loves climbing trees wanted to climb one and  the younger one wanted to play in the water tank. 

Good thing about December sun in the morning is, it lasts a little longer and also angular, which gave me ample time to take pictures of them playing.

When I was happily clicking them both, the elder one thought it was fun to join the little one and what followed was both fun, chaos as seen in pictures. It was until the little one couldn’t take the splashing anymore we had to break them and take them home..In the end we were happy that we made some memories of them playing together and having fun.