Shalini and Sumit's Cocktail Evening at Mumbai, India.


When I met Shalini and Sumit at their place. She showed me a photo of of them, sitting straight and uncomfortable with a forced smile on their face and she said, this is how awkward we are in front of the camera. So, pls come to our party, have a few drinks and capture the moments. And that is all I did.

They had a simple court wedding , followed by a cocktail party for their close friends ( IMHO this is how every wedding should be ). From planning to execution, they had it all so simple that their friends started calling it “NotaWedding”. As a joke, they made #NotaWedding as their hashtag for the evening.

On the day of their event, we ordered in some good food, spoke in length about our fav shows , went to their fav spot in Mumbai ( A wall that overlooks the ocean from Sumit’s old apartment ) , on our way we stopped for Mumbai’s very own naturals ice cream ( The Sitafal & Mango, the taste was to die for. So I had one scoop of each :D ) and finally we drove down to their party where a band was waiting to play their favorite tunes and an open bar to fuel the dance floor. And all along, I was there documenting the fun they had.

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