Siddharth & Shradha - A Simple Arya samaj wedding shot in Chennai


A little Back story first:

I should say, I was lucky that I got to shoot this wedding. Siddharth’s friend who was supposed to fly in with him from US had visa issues and he couldn’t make it to the wedding. And their frantic last minute search for a photographer stopped with me. I was lucky again as my friend and amazing photographer Varun was free and available to second shoot the wedding with me.

Now a little bit about the wedding:

This wedding was memorable for many reasons: From the timely start of the events to the silent crowd that sat through the entire wedding proceedings to the nice, non-PDA bride who cringed over the sound of a couple shoot :) .  It definitely was fun to shoot this wedding!!. And thanks to siddharth, we did embarrass her a little by shooting some PDA moments in public :)


Photographers : Srinivas & Varun